Purchase Beethoven CD

Would you like your very own copy of me playing the sonatas?

 I have stuck my neck out, and with the generous assistance of  ‘Team Dorset’, we are going into production. If any of you would like a home spun recording, they are now available for £10.
I propose to donate a portion (£5 per disc) to my charity, the ISM members fund (this charity supports musicians who for one reason or another have fallen on hard times. Please see under ISM in the bottom end of the  right hand column for more info) and the rest will contribute to costs and coffees or spare tires (whichever type you prefer!): many thanks to those of you who have recently donated.
If you would kindly send your request and your money (£10) in notes to the following address, my  dear friends Jo and Steve will go into action and send you a copy. Please remember that it is a domestic recording and reproduced by computer, so if your CD player doesn’t read it for some reason, by all means send it back for a refund.
(to find the notes, put opus 109/110/111 in the search window and look up those posts!)

The address is
                              ‘Beethoven by Bike CD’,
                              1 Lane Fox Terrace,
                              Sturminster Newton,
                             Dorset DT11  I DE   (UK)

Don’t forget to enclose yours!

Of course, this means that over the next few weeks I will be attempting to write some programme notes, which you will be welcome to download as an accompaniment to the CD.
 It will equally be a commentary on my personal love and interpretation of them. How could it be otherwise? 

If you happen to love late Schubert, for a further £10 you can also purchase a live recording of a concert I gave in St. Mary’s church,  Totnes 11 years ago of the late G major and A major sonatas. Please enclose a note detailing your request.


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