In a few weeks I will be setting off on my beautiful bicycle to fulfil the dream of an extended tour from Sweden, through Europe to Turkey.

The journey really began when for my 50th year I decided to make a kind of pilgrimage to Beethoven by studying and then playing his monumental last 3 piano sonatas. It was a musical Everest from which I did not easily return.

So now, nearly 4 years on, I hope to expand and integrate such a personal inner journey with the challenges and delights of an outer journey, sharing it as I go by playing those sonatas whenever a piano shows up!

“For surely wood, trees and rocks produce the echo that man desires to hear”    (Beethoven)

I look forward to sharing the experience with those of you that are kind enough to follow this blog.

Camping in sunlit orchard at Washbourne, Blackawton Oct 2011

"for surely wood trees and rocks produce the echo that man desires to hear"


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4 Responses to J.Q.

  1. Hello Jenny….I wrote a brief message for you a few moments ago….BUT like so many of my messages it dissolved and disappeared into the cosmos……so I won’t attempt to repeat it word for word in case this does the same…….always so good to meet you and hear your news…..so exciting to imagine your lone journey by bike….may the sun shine on you each day…but NOT too brightly…and the stars twinkle a welcome at night…..I have such fond memories of your concerts at St. Mary’s and Noel’s delight in your CD which he listened to each time we went on our Spiritual journey to France……his spirit is still strongly here with me at the pottery alongside another very beautiful man X JC

  2. wendy h says:

    Hi there Jenny
    I’m so happy to hear that the “dummy run” went well
    I have cycled some of those roads myself , and to go to Falmouth is courageuos.
    You will make so many friends on this trip we might never see you again!
    It could take more than 6 months if everything goes well!
    See you on Monday for the concert – I cannot wait.
    Love Wendyxx

  3. liz melling says:

    is this the jenny that two aussie cyclists met some time ago in a youth hostel in i think henne
    you are from the uk
    sold your house and are a trained alexanda person

    hope so
    liz and scott the wandering wallies

    • jennyquick says:

      Ah Hello dear Wallies!! I have thought of you so often as I’ve been muddling my way through…. you were such a welcome reassurance near the beginning of the trip, and I do dream of playing for you all down there…… who knows! I hope you are still enjoying your trip or perhaps you have gone home? Have you tried bamboo? the softest most luxuious fabric that has similar longstanding wear properties to merino… thought of you as I purred when i put my long sleeve on for a treat one cool evening! Can’t believe quite how far I’ve come… now just south of Linköping in a most beautiful area of lakes, boulders, rocks and trees. This morning played a bit of Beethoven to a kindergarten group. The giants were having a race and the lake fairy made big waves on the water etc….
      How lovely to hear from you. Jenny …

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