This evening I have been playing Intermezzi, opus 116 no. 4, 6 (I always imagine the Schumanns and Brahms taking a tender walk together) op 118, with a sense of farewell and the lovely gentle cascades of 119 no. 1.

As a small child I have memories of lying on the floor with tears in my ears, listening to the big piano concertos on our little red-suitcase record player.

The Brahms has had the same effect in its soft embrace, as does my warm, fiery Steinway, making me wonder what the withdrawal symptoms will be like…

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One Response to Brahms

  1. hello dear Jenny, I met you in Dartington estate gardens, the moment you left the pub. I walked behind you and I thought you where someone who worked in the gardens. But no, it is the Alexander technique that did it. You walk in a grounded way. It was nice meeting you and it is like I was hearing music..and I think you’re journey already started… Go for it…and be welcome in Belgium, Oostende.

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