Shedding weight

Today is my final moderation at college…. a big moment in time, when 3 years of Alexander training come to fruition. As my spine has lengthened, so have my sights!

In the meantime, I have spent countless hours sifting and sorting so that I am now ready with my house clearance sale. The contents of 20 years of cupboard-hoarding being released. I confess to feeling considerably rattled.

Wheeeeee! the adventure beckons and the load of the comfort zone is beginning to lighten.

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One Response to Shedding weight

  1. sarah davies says:

    Hello Jenny,
    What a lovely day to meet again and catch up on stuff, your plans sounds really exciting and leaving the house in good hands while you live in your shepherds hut sounds good too! It will be great to hear news from as you as you trek your was across the planet.
    I feel like getting a map up on the wall and sticking little flags in to mark your progress.
    In the meantime we tootle bout in this little town… bon chance mon brave! Sarah xx

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