Easter soon

painting for my grandson's easter card 'The Egg Hunt'

"Have you found any yet?"

This is my new home! I am gradually moving as few possessions as possible into this sweet Shepherd’s Hut (built by Ashwood Timber; check them out, as they are so good at what they do).

My window faces east and at 6.00 am, daybreak saw me with a paintbrush and pad as I dreamed my way into the view.

I have stirring memories of the rustling of dawn when I was frequently rehearsing at the Steiner School Hall, nearly 4 years ago as the performance of the last 3 Beethoven Sonatas drew near. I would start with opus 109 around 5.45 am and when an hour or so later, daylight began to pour through the windows and the birdsong was revving up, somehow I would consistently reach that part in the 4th variation (2nd movement) of opus 111 where the left hand is pulsing in delicate triplets, while the right heralds a hushed sunrise. (for you musicians out there, around bar 96!!)  It was breathtaking, tear-jerking and newly exquisite every time.

It struck me then as it does now (after such a beautiful performance of the St. John Passion this evening in Exeter Cathedral), that the cycle of the day, the seasons and life itself can sometimes be crunched up into a powerful all in one experience …. that renewal is possible after slogging through winter…. (metaphoric/literal)

It is now 1 am, and I am still buzzing from a fabulous pre-concert meal from my favourite Exeter Restaurant. ‘Ask‘. I promised I’d give you lovely guys a mention! They are just on the Cathedral green, and they always seem so happy to see you. (The food is splendid and they have fixed the wobbly the loo seat!)

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