‘Come to Good’

Sir Galahad's maiden voyage

What a lovely name for a village! My brief dummy-run was a little circuit around from Veryan,  across from St. Mawes to Falmouth (lots of help down steep steps onto ferry!) and a wonderful evening with Caroline, Roland, Sally, Paul and baby in Mawnan Smith.  A sopping wet ride next day saw me grinning in a self-made little pond as I sat in the Come to Good meeting house, where  I met Jo Latham who had driven to every corner of the world in a long-base jeep with her late husband. She passed me later and invited me for tea while my shoes and socks rumbled around in her tumble drier!! Thanks Jo 🙂

The pouring rain was very useful indeed, and such a relief to be so snug and dry in my tent! My usual “back from another wet field” text to family….

A few tweaks to kit and a total revision of the kitchen area are the next jobs.

Meanwhile the main focus is daily early morning practice for concert on monday.

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One Response to ‘Come to Good’

  1. Jill White says:

    Hullo Jenny, thank you for the lovely concert at the Steiner School. I was really

    Hullo Jenny! Thank you for the lovely concert last Monday. I was really ‘pleased to meet you’ at the pub with Ann last week. Perhaps you should carry a health warning ‘this person may seriously improve your life!’ I really think that meeting you has improved mine. I hope the effect of your fun and optimism won’t wear off. Very best wishes for a wonderful trip. Hope to meet again sometime. Jill

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