Reciprocating… ISM Members Fund

This where the ISM (Incorporated Society of Musicians) comes in. People have been asking me what I will be raising money for. I had really only thought of this trip as a rather eccentric, not too noticeable thing, which would give me a few landing stages on my way, so to speak. I have been a little slow to catch on to the huge possibilities!

What a wonderful opportunity to express my gratitude and offer something back.

 Some 10 years ago I was a struggling single parent with health and financial nightmares and I had a teaching load that I couldn’t sustain. I telephoned the ISM with huge embarrassment and the feeling that I was definitely not the sort of person (lovely house, well educated, etc. etc.) who should be asking for help.

I was met with the utmost kindness, support and lack of judgement and my enquiry was handled with a real sensitivity that instantly made me feel less isolated and hopeless.

Not only that, but I was given a month’s outgoings (around £500 I believe) which gave me much needed breathing space and the time to sort myself out. Some several months later, as Christmas approached, a £25 M&S voucher dropped onto the door mat. You can imagine I was very touched by this extra thoughtfulness.

In later years I was also much helped by some legal advice plus a solicitor’s letter with a (fortunately very rare) situation of non-payment of fees. Fees were finally paid in full.

So,  any funds raised through this  blog I shall be delighted to donate to the members benevolent fund, in the hope of raising the profile of a great organisation, and that others may also receive its support.

Please watch this space for details of the  next steps for donations.

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