Camilla strikes again… (miscellaneous post)

You can't sit there..

Camilla is my teaching assistant….. she can and (regularly does) say  all sorts of things that I couldn’t possibly utter to my pupils! One of her especial favourites (not PC at all) is Nell, who has tirelessly raised lots of money for the charity that supports children with liver disease. She courageously underwent a very nasty course of chemotherapy a few years ago and STILL played in our pupil concert, despite feeling dreadful. She later said that it was Camilla who kept her going, so was determined to take her all the way to the House of Commons for a special visit. Here she is, just before she was ejected for sitting on an illustrious seat….!

For you nell…. 🙂

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One Response to Camilla strikes again… (miscellaneous post)

  1. Nell Watson says:

    Camilla will be safe at my house so dont worry Jenny! xx

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