The Laying out (My brother says I’m mad…. I agree)

I am in a temper…. staying up until 3am probably didn’t help. My bike, laden, weighs in at a shocking 84lbs. (I weigh 118). The ratio is not good.

I went to paint and ended up despairing and falling asleep in a grave yard. The badly illustrated headstones all bear captions ‘what have I done?’ ‘O God’ ‘Help!’ and ‘I can’t possibly do this’ ‘it’s too HEAVY’

next job... severe prune

Perhaps if I chuck out the mascara?? 


It’s a handsome bike though…

but will it go uphill?

Notice the cunning bike-stand. It doubles as a dog fender and I can draw it at speed like a Ninja, providing it doesn’t get tangled up in the bungies…

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