2 weeks to go…

Hi everyone out there. Some real details for you all now.

My train leaves Totnes at 9.22am a fortnight today. The first little ride will be from Paddington to Liverpool Street and then a little later, 7 or so miles from Manningtree to just outside Harwich, and the luxury of B&B (Beethoven and Bike?).

My ferry departs on tues 28th at 5.45pm and hopefully, wed 29th sees me in and around Esbjerg before heading north along the west coast towards Aalborg. The next arrangement is a couch surf with a lovely family who could even find me a piano, although it might be ‘Babar the Elephant’ rather than Beethoven!! We’ll see.

Packing and unpacking and re-packing carries on apace and I think I have shed 5lbs (luggage) and gained a couple (calories and cakes etc!).

Each day seems to bring a fast-flowing raft of to-do lists. A friend has coined the phrase rainbow of emotions. Spot on Sue. 🙂

Anyone from Totnes? I’d love to see you on the platform, 8.30 – 9.15 ish on monday morning the 27th if you’re passing… bring strawberries and champagne??? (and a hefty crane)

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