Hot and Cold (compresses) + Happiness

The scary shoulder injury I got in february from that unnecessary skiing holiday (the snow conditions were appalling) is still a bit of a problem, so following superb advice and evil thumbs from Hilary, I have had a very entertaining evening in my ‘hut attempting compresses with a small flannel and basins of hot water (and lots of epsom salts, which you can only get at the farm suppliers in case you make bombs). The cold is quite challenging, but begins to feel nice later!

It’s not often I feel a need to draw my curtains.

For those of you that like details, I wrenched my supraspinatus rather badly and although it has recovered fairly well, there is now a sort of inflammatory capsulitis all over which sets off an unpleasant pain if I move awkwardly/stumble/carelessly cuddle someone…. the best part of the advice was the prescription for “insane happiness” (happy muscles don’t screw themselves up nearly so much as unhappy ones. Fact)

The good news is that my shoulder is perfectly, no, insanely happy on a bike!   Just as well really.

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