A little Fine tuning

A fine piece...

What I didn’t know I didn’t know has been revealed, and much to my relief put firmly on the ‘can do’ list….  The Bike Doctor (Ben) is someone who is involved with Transition Town Totnes and passionate about enabling people to ride and be safe on all manner of bikes, many of which he renovates/rescues from becoming scrap. He cycles up (a sharp little hill) to the market on saturdays, towing a trailer-load of tools including a whopping bike-stand and practically gives his time and skill away to passing poorly bikes.

You can see that my tool kit will be extensive! I am hoping that that 15mm ratchet spanner will arrive shortly;  my spoke tool (a green no. 1 ) came yesterday…. oooh I love tools, especially the ones that click or whirr! (no, I won’t be attempting to tune my spokes to A440Hz) It was very touching when each member of the the class fondled my spoke wrench in turn, rubbing good-luck blessings such as  “strength to your thighs ” and “may your nipples always turn” into it. This could be the new ritual for Totnes….?

It has been so great to be in a group of friendly bikers, mending and really finding out how to maintain safe bikes. As a small woman, it feels especially liberating to have these skills to call on as and when the need arises.

So thanks, Doctor 🙂

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