Day 1

A scatter of impressions. Totnes riverside 7am. Champagne strawberries and such rousing cheers on the platform. Sweltering in New Oxford Street. Flocks of exotically inhabited burkas dripping gold accessories. Destitute shambling man. Modern and old architecture. Their little faces as I waved goodbye at the platform gate to my children.
The delicious wafts of malt as I rode through Mistley. A girl and a rose. The relief of a cup of tea tonight at my friendly B&B.
What lingers most is the taste of friendship and all the loving good wishes. Thank you everyone 🙂

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2 Responses to Day 1

  1. hilary bravo says:

    Bon Voyage dear Jenny xx

  2. lily in the wood says:

    Oh no I got the send off day wrong! Was hoping to wave goodbye! I feel so inspired by your courage and adventurous spirit, I’m sure Beethoven and your warm, openhearted nature will lead you to great journeyings. Will keep checkin in., love Henrietta

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