day 4

Hello everyone,

Firstly thank you for all the lovely messages since I left.

It is especially helpful as today is the 3rd day of strong headwinds, I seem to be locked out of my usual email path and it is pouring with rain!!

The bluest of blue cornflowers in amber fields, bright cranberry rooftops singing from green fields or forrests;horses welcoming me as I pass and a field of very entertaining full-uddered cows who seem to be having an identity shift and behaving like a rugby scrum, pushing and butting each other in a most un lady-like way!!

Off the bike I am aghast at the weight of my bags. On the bike it all seems fine. (it is exceptionally flat and a kind warm up for what´s to come) I found the sweetest little “primitive” site by the roadside … all to myself and enjoyed the first night under camping.

The previous night I spent in a very grand Youth Hostel in Esbjerg as I took a day to get my bearings from the ferry. Yes, a piano!! so it was ´send in the clowns´and opus 109 for a sensitve Polish lad… you just never know when those pianos are going to show up.

I have been treated very kindly. A young woman in a little village co-op made me coffee rather than see me cycle 3 km to find a cafe!!

Off now to find a sheltered spot for picnic (it allcosts much more here) left over from breakfast and pocketed for later… ie any minute now!



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3 Responses to day 4

  1. sheila m bendall says:

    Great to be able to follow your progress. Isnt this modern world amazing, there you are cycling away and sleeping under the stars in a different country and we can all know about it in no time. Amazingly descriptive “blogs”,loved the un lady like cows bit, so funny.Hope the wind and rain has “blown over” ,hopefully by now you will have blue skies to match the cornflowers.Think about you every time I see a cyclist (seem more about all of a sudden must be more aware becos of your travels I think). Enjoy.Sheila xx

  2. ruthjenni says:

    Hello lovely Jenny.
    Thank you for the comment re: being blog shy…hopefully I’ve worked it out.
    Thinking of you today at my desk…a few minutes later a fly that had been attracted to the light above fell down onto its back and proceeded to describe crazy figures of eight with its legs in the air. A few minutes later it was dead maybe to be reincarnated as a water boatman?
    Huge hugs to you.

  3. Susan says:

    Hi Jenny
    Reading this gives me flash backs to my high school cycyling trip in Germany..scary how many years ago it was…..staying at Youth Hostels as well, and pocketing all the buns and cheese and any other portable (non fridgerated) food I could get my hands on…. for our own picinic buns and cheese I ever had !!
    Also more rain than sun.

    Mind you we didn’t have to carry as much as you as we shared all the tools and other essentials among all 19 of us, and only had to survive 4-6 weeks 🙂

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