Vanishing Point

7 miles in a straight line on perfect, level tarmac is a little eerie!
Miniscule villages grow very slowly, even with the wind behind me, and I am growing to love their bright brick red dots of roofs.
I leave the lovely village of Fjaltering tomorrow after a couple of days drying all my kit and pottering around painting and eating fish!
The landscape is subtle… delicate and the gems are a little shy… I am beginning to look more sensitively and this brings delights.
A little girl of 5 with freckles danced to Beethoven this evening… and then didn’t want to go to bed. I wished her good night in my best Danish and promptly forgot how I’d said it!
Godnat and hej hej everyone.

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6 Responses to Vanishing Point

  1. hilary bravo says:

    Godnat and sweet dreams!

    • beverley says:

      Sorry. Were you painting and eating fish or eating and painting fish? Either way – sounds pretty Scandinavian to me!! You’ll be jumping in the lake naked next thing we know. Godnat xx

  2. wendy h says:

    Hi Jenny
    I’ve been following you via this blog.
    Wake up in your room and wonder where you are.
    thank you thank you for this house (home)
    There was an article in the paper this week
    with a little photo of you hoisting your cycle on the train
    I will keep it for you with your mail
    Love and good wishes for the journey

  3. sheila says:

    Photo of you in the Totnes times this week “Sir Galahad” leaping into the train.
    Good to hear you have had a chance to dry out.x

  4. caroline says:

    Jenny! Thrilled to get your package of the best possible update, and have copied and posted. Loving the imaginary and painted images, sending you love and luck, and looking forward to the next! Caro and family x

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