Thank you’s …

The sweet rather tipsy young man who ran back to me in Ringkøbing to thrust a can of beer into my wet little hand; Anna & Alf in Møborg  who showed me into their beautiful garden, gave me the use of their shower and helped me with the internet; Anna and I could have talked for days! (this was because the camp site 500yds up the road had 4 or 5 enormous dogs greeting me at huge volume); Ruse who took me home in a deluge to give me lunch while I played Bach on her sweet little piano; Preben and Margit who had me to stay in their lovely home in Flade; Gitte and Ingrid who topped up my water supply from their wonderfully colourful house….. and so it goes on.

You get the picture?

Last night under the stars agin in a beautiful log shelter and I made a glorious camp fire.

The library is closing and I am out of time   …. also nearintg the end of my stay inDenmark. Hope to write again soon. Love to all, Jenny

Ps 7 pianos played in 14 days… one in a little beach cafe Opus 109!!

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2 Responses to Thank you’s …

  1. Gitte Overgaard says:

    Dear Jenny:-) Thank you for your visit the of July at our house in Vester Thorup. It was very interesting and nice to meet you. We hope your travel will be good and we will follow you here at your blog. If you come to Odense, you should be very welcome at our home, Davinde Bygade 16, 5220 Odense SØ.
    Best regards from Gitte and Astrid

    • jennyquick says:

      Thank you so much, Gitte.
      You are in my list of lovely people I have met along the way so far! I’m now in Frederikshaven, all ready for the ferry tomorrow which will take me on to Gøtheborg….. I am very curious.
      Best wishes, Jenny 🙂

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