Sweden here we come… day 22

Hello dear bloggers! It’s only just past 7am and I see that there is one early bird who has already looked in. A special hello to you and thanks for the company!

I stayed in a beautiful Youth Hostel last night run by Tina & Ole in Frederikshavn. The smell of warm bread is wafting past and I have decluttered and reloaded my bike ready for the ferry to take me across to Gøteborg.

Yesterday in anticipation of rain (they were right) I got my tent down DRY  and just for fun raced to see if I could get the 6.ooam ferry back from the magical island of Laeso to the mainland. The wind was mostly helpful and I clocked 11 miles in 53 minutes…. 6 minutes late and to see the back end of the ferry pulling away!!! My reward was a lovely conversation with some young people of Laeso, sitting at a burger bar waiting to start work after the saturday night all nighter; they were a little pale, but happy to chat. There are only 1900 residents on the island, which has become a tourist summer holiday draw, so most of the work is seasonal. At 15, the children go to the mainland to complete their education and so board for the week, taking the hour and a half ferry home for the weekends.

Last year the fisheries confiscated and destroyed the shrimping nets belonging to one of the last traditional shrimpers. The population is shrinking.

I have come to love the landscape in Denmark with its exquisite grasses, subtle colours and wonderful bright custard and carrot coloured dwellings. The weather has featured pretty strongly and the people have been so warm and generous. Many places have won my heart.. Fjaltering for its vibrant community, Lemvig for its beauty and the hills(!) where the church clock chimes go on and on, Hjørring for its fabulous state of the art library, and Skagen (the St. Ives of Denmark) for its inspirational art galleries, the light, the sand and it’s radiant Land’s End, to name just a few. I have managed to get my tongue round only snippets of the language. I especially like “lille bing” which appropriately means “little legs”!

Time to move on. Thanks for all the lovely messages. Please do keep them coming 🙂 I never quite know when the next opportuniy comes, but I love to see them and would love to read your news too. Jenny


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One Response to Sweden here we come… day 22

  1. sheila says:

    Great to hear all the latest news.Our weather very mixed but the sunny intervals a reall blessing.
    Claires graduation Wednesday 20th so a day of celebration. Heidi and Alex leave devon 25th for family farewells in midlands etc before Dad takes them to fly out on 31st. Will really miss her but like you, what an adventure. Enjoy the next stage of your travels, loads of love xx

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