What was I thinking?

Hello everyone. A bout of ‘lie-down-I-don’t-care-where’ exhaustion has proved to be the latest unplanned gift, causing me to veer off course in search of a soft horizontal spot!!

I had managed 12 rather miserably wet miles from Trollhätton and hopes that horrid BBQ spare ribs seated in a puddle by a pond would help naturally floundered. My confidence sank and I really had moments of wondering if I was in my right mind lugging all this weight around on a bike! But the magic is still going strong,  ‘Zimmer’ advertised themselves discreetly and I found myself in a true haven. Solgården is a little like a Camphill summer camp where those with varying degrees of mental disability can have a lovely holiday. Sara, her daughter, Cael and friends provide this special atmoshere, and as the summer campers arrived there were many happy sounds while the residents paddled and splashed in the little bay, or played games on the grass. It is in an intimate sandy cove on the shores of lake Vänern and I was shown to a little yellow hut (not so unlike my lovely ‘hut’) for the modest price of 150 sv (about 16 pounds) per night. I crashed out and slept for 3 hours in the middle of the afternoon and stayed for 3 nights, regaining energy and motivation. I was seriously taken aback to feel so suddenly debilitated…. 

This STOP helped to shift gear and I happily sketched my wonderful morning and evening visitors several times over. Canada geese are well practised in the art of stately synchronisation as well as humourous individuality just by a quizzical bend of neck or improbable one-legged balances! I also rowed off into the sunset one evening, exploring the beautiful pink granite rocky islands.

Feeling a bit better I rode up to visit Hunneberg yesterday, which is a huge nature and hunting reserve up on a massive outcrop of rocks/craggy cliffs. In the restaurant I met Elsa, Lilian and Stellan who opened their lovely hearts and we shared a very special time. Thank you for your uplifting company, and my love goes with you. I wish you could hear Beethoven’s opus 110… the penultimate sonata, as it speaks of the longing of memory, the courage to face broken-ness and the triumph of faith in life. I think you all know these well, anyway. We were struggling to find words to express our horror at the news from Norway.

I also saw a young german couple armed (they did look a little like dwarf leather battle shields) with gorgeous mushrooms as they emerged from the forest! I gather that when moose are fed apples they become slightly tipsy and that this is a safe time to get up close, while they are docile. Not quite autumn yet, so I was content not to encounter any.

Today I passed the 1000km with an easy ride of 38 miles to Linköping, so the cloud seems to have passed. I am celebrating by treating myself to a small hotel room and maybe even a massage tomorrow for those remarkable legs!!

Again, thank you all for keeping in touch, one way or another. It is such a support and consolation in the ‘lows’ to be able to keep in touch and I appreciate it very much. Also to those of you that I am meeting along the way… thank you too, for your company and warmth. Cheers, Jenny.

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8 Responses to What was I thinking?

  1. sheila says:

    You are just amazing ! Much love xx

  2. Gillian Greig says:

    Dear Jenny – a thousand K – Wow! we are all very impressed & not in the least surprised to hear that you have a bit of a wobbly. I am so glad you found a good resting place, & I hope you won’t push yourself too hard.
    Thank-you for your sweet postcard & the news so far, & good luck with the rest of the trip.
    With love & best wishes fro Gillian, Clarissa & Deb in Taunton.

    • jennyquick says:

      Thank you so much! Have just looked in and see there are loads of lovely friendly good wishes. I’m much restored and have just been randomly invited to stay with a lovely family beside the lake in their summer house…. how’s that for serendipity?! Love to all, and hope to be playing again soon… fingers’ll get rusty otherwise!! Jenny

  3. Hilary says:

    How incredible you are! Thank you so much for your card. It coincidentally arrived around my 40th birthday which has been muddling along presenting cake eating opportunities for the last week. Now I am writing to you from under a sleeping baby who is exhausted from exercising his new stair climbing skills chasing the cat we are looking after for a month. For now the cat is agile enough to keep out of the way of small well intentioned but rather pinchy fingers. I hope your shoulder is holding its own and that it hasn’t been eclipsed by the yelping of other newly developing muscles.

    Love Hilary and snoring Albie.

    • jennyquick says:

      Was only thinking of you today as I prodded those vastus vastuses!! all pretty good, even shoulder, despite a bit slow and stiff, seems really to have settled down. HAPPY 40 AND MUCH CAKE! Today was a fisk feast in style… up at the tip of a peninsular on lake Vänern. yum! I think being a rowming biker is suiting me quite well all in all and will try to make a few more concessions to tiredness… honestly didn’t occur to me… how dim! Lovely sleeping baby… and love from me. Jenny

  4. Not too sure how to do this commenting but here goes, fingers crossed it works…….. we have been following your blog – it is always an inspiring read – well done! Then, such a lovely surprise to receive your card. Thank you so much. We send warm wishes to ‘Nanny’s bike 2’ and Nanny too of course!

    • jennyquick says:

      Not a day goes past when I don’t think things like “they really are fantastic forks,” or “this bike handles like a dream” while I stand up and ease the rear going down hill at speed without so much as a wobble!!! So glad you are enjoying the blog. I am too and especially tonight when there have been a bonanza of lovely messages. Means a lot to feel all that from home. As you can see, I am having a truly amazing time. Next stop random and generous invite to family summer home on lakeside… all I did was chat a bit and show off Sir G… cheers, jenny

  5. Susan says:

    Hi Jenny
    Not much to write about from this end, but thought I’d still give you something to read.
    Just occurred to me as I catch -up with your blogs ..I should be printing them off for Mum to enjoy. So far I’ve just given her snippets.
    Many of us have tried to get her to give the internet a try but without success. Peter is going to give it a try shortly, he thinks he’ll succeed where we haven’t!!

    I’m still busy sorting out and packing up her apartment. I’ll be putting most of the furniture etc in storage ..in case she manages to get strong enough to try a retirement home instead of long term care. too early to tell what lies ahead on that path.

    Yesterday she was given a “exercise bike”..actually a set of pedals that can be used for upper or lower body exercise. (attaches somehow to her wheelchair)
    I told her I should get her a map of your trip and she can “follow” you on your trip..mind you she’ll have to pedal fast and often to catch up to you!!
    I think of you myself as I cycle to work and here and there. Imagining myself cycling to much more interesting destinations than work…and envying you your calves!! Mine have become less defined as yours have become more defined…I need to increase the energy output and decrease the energy INPUT!

    As far as the rest of the family goes:
    Peter continues to try and make a go with his long board business (skate board for downhill riding). He has lots of orders, just needs to speed up production..and stop breaking bones!!
    Charles continues with his studies in Toronto. No luck getting a paying job to help with costs yet. He recently finishes writing a book and is in the process of getting it printed. Once I get my hands on it, I’ll see if I can send at least a page or two for you to read.
    John has just recovered from another bad bout of infection. He continues to play chauffeur to Peter and keeps himself busy helping out friends and the daily routine of chores etc. and lots of reading.
    Kate’s coffee shop is doing well…I think you would really enjoy it’s atmosphere
    Matt’s job at RIM is possibly in jeopardy as they just announced major cuts, fingers crossed taht it misses him.
    Gin is still working in the catering business with some photography on the side

    Off to run more errands now
    Take care and continue to enjoy your adventure!

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