“you must go to Björka Säby”

…. So I was passing the castle yesterday morning, on my way to playing in Linköping Cathedral for evening service; (there are 3 especially beautiful chapels behind the altar. I played in the Mary Chapel, next to which is the Vandra/pilgrim’s chapel. I had another wave of gratitude for having made it this far…) a little way ahead there was a young woman walking. I asked about the possibility of looking in and one thing led to another! This afternoon at 2pm I was in the beautiful cupola/round concert room, playing opus 110 &, daringly, opus 111 to a hastily arranged audience and having the most marvelous birthday!! I was sung to in robust Swedish harmony and THEN treated to cake, candle and exquisite roses.

We were taken by Beethoven and the fantastic piano and acoustic on such a journey together and I am again, just so grateful for the warmth, generosity and welcome from staff and visitors in this special core of spiritual community. A special thanks to Martin and Åsö for making it all possible with such grace and ease. (800kr was donated to the Africa Horn as a result of quick thinking and such a great opportunity!)

The previous night I had been the guest of Ida and family in their gorgeous apartment in Linköping ( 🙂 )and so had to thread my way back out of town (I did really well until I lost my ‘ball of string’) the long way round!! A beautiful, slightly damp ride of around 17 miles. I arrived rather hot and thirsty at 11.15 and really wondered if I would be up to the rigours of playing later.

Lunch, beautifully prepared and presented and a lie down and off we went! I have to say that it was stunning. I still cannot quite believe that after just over 900 miles and almost no practice it IS possible to ask fingers to fly and memory to serve. This was such a day to remember, and now I am in a bit of a daze. I am also about to experience a special liturgy in the castle chapel, so for now, many thanks for all the lovely messages and good night. !



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2 Responses to “you must go to Björka Säby”

  1. Stellan Bjursell says:

    Hi Jenny! We have the honor to congratulate you on your birthday. We met you at the restaurant on Hunneberg. It is an amazing journey you make. You will manage this well. You have a charisma that makes a lot of people want to help you. It’s so touching to read the fine people who have helped you. Many dear greetings from Elsa, Lilian and Stellan.

    • jennyquick says:

      How lovely to hear from you. Thank you so much. I was deeply nourished by our meeting… I was at a point of enormous tiredness, and our conversation was uplifting and love-filled. Just what the doctor ordered!! You all truly crried me forward. Please send my warmest greetings to your beautiful mother Elsa, and Lilian. With love, Jenny

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