Hooray! I am getting the hang of posting a few pics!

Hello everyone, I am relishing the comfort and companionship of the beautiful Bjärka Säby and in the heart of the library, have wriggled my way through a few more computer hurdles!
To see 2 pics, have a peek at the previous post, then go on back a bit to “harbour well” post of around mid July.
All being well there will be some more to follow, when I’m not too busy playing the piano/eating cake/painting in one of the sumptuous castle rooms/engaged in happy conversation/bathing in the exotic wafts of frankincense from the chapel and oh yes, washing up….
I really am still pinching myself, but hopefully the photo in previous post will reassure you all that I’m not a total fraud!
I am hoping to play 109 tomorrow afternoon, so I had better eat more cake?



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3 Responses to Hooray! I am getting the hang of posting a few pics!

  1. sheila says:

    Who’s clever,well done for sorting photos.You look as if you have just popped in to do a concert not spent the last few weeks toiling around the countryside on Sir Galahad.What an amazing place. Enjoy xx

  2. wendy h says:

    Hi there Jenny dear
    Oh how wonderful to read all these adventures – I on the other hand have not been on my bike for 2 weeks, but have hardly noticed because things are so busy at present.
    i drove from Worcester to Wales and back to Worcester and then back to Totnes – I have never driven so far on my own before – still able to do a few new things!
    Keep going – people ask me all the time how you are – people I don’t know but who seem to know I am in Broomborough and know you!
    We think of you often – the rose in the garden has sprung into action – lovely, lovely. Am here for a week and then to Cornwall with bike for a few days and home by 26th – Sorry I did not know it was your birthday on 10th – it seems it was a special day – lots of love dear cycle girl – those little legs have never been so amazing! Love Wendyxx PS thanks for the reply – I gather Andrew blathered on to you while I was in Wales – goodness knows what got into him – all is OK here!!

    • jennyquick says:

      Hello Wendy,
      How lovely to wake up and see your message! I’m just girding myself for another stretch which will take me to just within sight of Stockholm and the generous offer of staying with the aunt of one of my ‘parents’ (pupil’s). I think I need to adjust my pace a little and take regular small breaks instead of forging on and then coming to a standstill for a few days…. As it feels as though this time it will be hard to get back on the road, even though I really have got the itch to be on the move again! (talk about itch, a small moment in the woods and my legs are roaring with more midge bites… They had recovered so nicely!!)
      This afternoon I will be completing my stay with one more sonata.. Opus109. It feels such an honor to be playing in this beautiful setting… And it seems that with my waffle to share, the music is able to reach places and hearts that might otherwise have missed Beethoven’s wonders.
      I’m going to try and add a little more to this blog before breakfast.
      Please send my love to Broomborough drive and especially the occupants of no. 8!!!
      Lots of love, Jenny xxxx

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