Minutiae….. from Aug 1st (ish)

In contrast to constant serenedipities, I thought you might like a window into what goes on beneath the canvas?!
Often awake by 5.30, so my bolster pillow gets hung up over handle bars (I knew those cow horns would be handy) and returned to its function as a water carrier. Water now slightly warmer than last night, when my head was bobbling around on it!
From front panniers come my trangia and breakfast … usually cereal or oats with apple juice and cranberries/cashews and then if I remember, yesterday’s hard boiled egg. Enough hot water for peppermint tea and wash up.
All being well.. this is just occasionally… the tent will have been drying in morning sun, bedding stuffs into back panniers and down it comes.
Lovely touches, like the big waterproof stuff sack that tent travels in, becomes cheerful yellow kneeling doormat, and the ingenious design means I can peer out or ventilate from behind the safety of mosquito netting .. doors to east and west.
In good weather this can all take an hour and a half or so. In pouring rain, breakfast inside, skip hot drink, all packed and done in record 20 minutes!
Lovely to be on the bike by 8, although its often not until 10 and then 20or so miles and then lunch. Usually snacking on nuts/dried apricots as I go. All sorts of things live in my beautiful canvas barbag.. art studio, picnic, suncream, first aid, notebooks, mobile in water tight bag, camera etc. Tomatoes or eggs with lights in roomy side pockets… AND its really water proof too! Carradice Nelson saddle bag for you.
If I’ve stayed in a hostel the routine is a little different. My panniers explode to occupy all 4 corners of the room, contents busy airing themselves, then sumptuous breakfast remains shape up well for mid morning snack. Quite how it all disappears back into the confines of the bags is a complete mystery, but it always does. The bags swell With food shopping. I do likewise with eating, then we all settle back to normal ready to start again!
A gorgeous gold fur backed dragonfly with sparkling transparent wings has just arrived to sit beside me…
Evenings outside see prompt socks, long trousers tucked in and sleeves rolled down, with hands and face hopefully protected against creatures.
The dragon fly has 2 teeny luminous lemon slightly cross eyed dots within its huge bronze headlights and a soft grey lozenge at the tips of each of its 4 wings….
My tent IS drying nicely, so I’ll pack up and today, head for Linkoping along the towpath and a monastery just to the south, where I’m told they offer accommodation. This has been posted from my mobile phone, so I hope it won’t be scrambled!
Have a great day. 🙂


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3 Responses to Minutiae….. from Aug 1st (ish)

  1. sheila says:

    Now we know how it all works. Amazing .
    Wonderful description of dragonfly.
    Sheila xx

  2. Susan Duncan says:

    Just had a lovely chinese whisper from Vittoria, who knows Natasha, Natasha has just come back from Totnes where her sister lives, Her sister is married to one of the Riverford Farm brothers (I believe), They have two children to who you gave/give piano lessons…… To cut a long story short, You might be coming to Sicily ???? on a bike, Well do let me know. I have been reading your blog and admiring your sketches, beautiful. what a project. my e-mail is : susanduncan55@gmail.com

    • jennyquick says:

      it’s a small world in the end isn’t it?! It feels a lot bigger at 10 mph, I must say…. my plan is very improvisatory, so while its lovely to know I could, at this point I have no idea whether I will be down your way…. I very nuch hope so, though, as it sounds great. lovely to hear from you!
      love Jenny

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