Poi a poi di nuovo vivente. Opus 110

I wasn’t planning on writing so soon, but this sonata has been so profoundly in action that while the memories are fresh I would very much love to share them.

In a way this is the whole POINT of the ‘journey’.

Earlier today I played in a beautiful ‘Slott’ or Castle on a rather time-worn, (in it’s day it would have been very good) large grand piano… A lovely event involving many local people from Ekerö with all sorts of taster sessions for Adult education classes, sheep shearing, lovely art/crafts/scrumptious food etc. It went well and it was so lovely to see some people I had met a couple of weeks earlier at a youth hostel in Rimforsa, but I struggled to warm to the instrument, despite my best intentions..
A lovely friend who had intended to come had missed her lift and so back on Adelsö, in the beautiful church, I played again so that she wouldn’t miss out, only this time on a sweet little Yamaha upright and in a most easy and beautiful acoustic. Just as I was about to start, two lovely young people came in and felt that their very elderly mother (?grandmother) might like to listen. They helped a very frail and pale lady into the old fashioned pews and I briefly mentioned the overall essence of the work as being the triumph of Beethoven’s will over despair.

The music just took off and the “poi a poi di nuovo vivente” seemed to have transferred itself to the radiant glow in this dear lady’s face as she exclaimed “beautiful, beautiful; magnificent!” The colour in her cheeks, and her shining eyes living proof of the power of music to transform.

“Poi a poi di nuovo vivente” or “little by little returning to life” is Beethoven’s instruction as the
inverted, pale fugue weakly re-emerges from the despairing aria to gather momentum and end in a blaze of glory.

I believe it did just that.

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2 Responses to Poi a poi di nuovo vivente. Opus 110

  1. Erika Denham says:

    Hello Jenny,
    Wonderful to catch up with your travels and your amazing pictures.
    So glad everything going well and loved the Chopin memories and the piano to go with them…Beautiful!
    Keep well and happy
    Lots of love
    Erika and Rich

    • jennyquick says:

      Hi you 2,
      Broomborough Drive feels rather a long way away now! I have been thinking of you recently, as I regret that you have not yet made the list of post card recipients…. It goes a bit like this… I think of you while I’m trundling along… And then by the time I get to my note book to record these fleeting thoughts, of course they have flown. Brain and notebook occasionally get it together, so one of these days….!
      Seems Chopin is the man here in Poland… 3 pianos so far, but I have only been moving for the last 4 days.
      Hope all is well in the best road in Totnes, and so lovely to hear from you, thank you.
      Love, Jenny

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