Gdansk – Some Photos.

In the mix… Market in Oliwa, street vendors, by night the town hall and the riverside, the hall tower revealed from beneath the scaffolding, Neptune, and Blüthner in Madison’s, Ducha Street, Old town.









A plan is slowly coming together and while it does, I am taking it easy doing important things like eating, sketching and getting a great hair cut (the quick rub and go type, so it’s the familiar upstanding broom again) and playing a beautiful but a few notes missing (low A flat in the op.110 was not as upsetting as I thought it could be!) old Blüthner. 2 young men were fascinated to see the moving parts and a passing elderly lady was enthusiastic. I had a big wave of emotion playing the Chopin that had so inspired me as a 2 year old on my mother’s knee…. A homecoming?
Yesterday I found a long small road which stretched for miles out of Gdansk, and passed some beautiful allotments. The day before I cycled beside one of the big main roads until the grassy broken pavement turned into 2 inches of broken verge so it was a useful expedition!
Last night was a tonic. The hostel was crammed with post-mission Green Peacers, who had been trying to persuade the government to extend the national park on the eastern border with Belarus. They were cheering and clapping and being gorgeous together and I was swept along, invited to stay in Warsaw and Krakov and Anna pored over my map and was adamant that I would have a great time, especially in the friendly countryside.
I’ve been gathering train maps and times and I think I’ll do a combination of some sort; I won’t be rushing off just yet, though.
I met a lovely Swiss couple on the local train back to Oliwa and as it drew away the recently new adoring grandmother passed me her little bunch of red roses.
Today I’m going to Sopot and Gdynia on Sir G, which will be a treat…. The rental bike in the city centre did it’s job well, but there is nothing quite like the comfort of that leather saddle!!!

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4 Responses to Gdansk – Some Photos.

  1. sheila says:

    Wow .What a piano and what a position to be able to play it in!
    Sheila xx

  2. hilary bravo says:

    Heart rending images of people selling on the street, a long way from my little spot under the Butterwalk in Totnes!

    • jennyquick says:

      Hello Hilary,
      Nice to see your very true comment. It is such an extraordinary mix of state of the art elevators, crumbly wiring and unfinished plumbing even on brand new construction, grass between the broken paving, velvet asphalt for the roller skaters for MILES and carefully paved cycle ways which you just know the frost will destroy… But the cycle ways don’t get you out of town like they do in Sweden!!
      And… All the Poles say that autumn is VERY WET.. Ho ho.
      Love, Jenny

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