Off we go again

good morning!
After several days of ‘hiding under the duvet’ with a bout of apprehension (it has taken a while to get my head around moving off) I am finally venturing forth from the comfort of the wonderful Wolna Chata hostel in Oliwa.
Through a Servas connection, I have had loads of help with routes, maps and an invitaton, as well as helpful encouragement at every turn, for which I am so grateful.
Yesterday there was a gorgeous band in the square with the added delight of twirling swirling traditional dancing in full costume. the night before was another musical treat, with a Polish choir accompanied by a stunning young guitarist, complete with a front row beauty with exotic castonets…. they were performing a gorgeous programme of spanish music. They tour all over europe, and I had the pleasure of sitting with a former member and his family.
My bike is now a little more streamlined and all ready for a short train ride, including flights of steps and a deep set up into the carriage. First stop Malbork, then heading south along country lanes to Lodz, which is a little south west of Warsaw.
boiled eggs and a good breakfast next though, and a short prayer that last night’s torrential rain and spectacular thunder and lightening is done for the time being.





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2 Responses to Off we go again

  1. sheila says:

    Good luck for this next step of your journey,sure the apprehension will soon turn into wonder as you travel. Take care and enjoy xx

  2. Kay says:

    Hi Jenny

    Just found out about your amazing website … so can now follow you…

    Waht a fabulous experience you are having… I so admire your spirit1

    Love Kayx

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