In the mix … samples from today’s ride


In the 40 or so miles of today’s beautiful ride from Golub Dobrzyn to Włocławek I feel a bit as though I have dug through so many layers of time.
Countryside, villages, towns; churches, roadside icons, horse and cart, goose-plucking in a farmyard and broken streets beside marvelous construction/impeccable renovation/faded splendour.
I have landed in a lovely old hotel (just £20 for B&B which is somewhat high, when other places have been as little as £8) in the town centre, which is humming with live jazz piano somewhere close by and it seems to be unexpectedly easy to find online connections… My bed linen is very damp, so I am glad to have my sleeping mat, inner sheet and sleeping bag to fall back on. I am too tired to do different tonight!
Such a big mix in seemingly so short a distance. More wonderful warm handshakes, incomprehensible help with directions, and gratifying wonder when I say things like “rower …(bicycle) ” and reel off a few cities that have been and gone. A large man with similar hair colour was teased hugely by his younger mates when he tried out his limited German with me. I’m sure they were making eyes at him making eyes at me, but it was all so funny and good-humored; the beer was a bit stronger than I was led to believe, so I was very careful as I got back on the bike.







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2 Responses to In the mix … samples from today’s ride

  1. sheila says:

    So good to have regular updates of your trip and to be able to share something of your experience however small it may be from here! Hope “Sir G ” has a stable frame to keep you upright after sampling the beer!! Lol xox

    • jennyquick says:

      Hello … You got in there again so quickly!!! I’m not even sure the pics were up?,
      Sir G carted me on nobly thanks.. Now tethered to railings INSIDE lock up courtyard of the hotel.
      It does a girl good to be hit on, especially when they have those gooey grey polish eyes!! Better looking one has just bought me a baileys…. Think I may have to keel over soon.

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