Comments and messages… O bother

Hello everyone, on this lovely autumn morning.
I realise that although I have been replying to all the wonderful messages you have been leaving in the ‘ comments’ , they make it back into my blog, where they are visible for those who like that sort of thing, as further padding to the content.
However, I am not so convinced that they are arriving in your inboxes.
I am so sorry, as this may look as though I am not responding. If this is the case, I have published most of my replies and if you have written and you can remember which post you commented on, you may find a reply from me in the ‘comments’!!
In future, I will do it a bit differently and hope for better links.
One other thing… My I-pad insists on American spellings, which I try to catch it out with, but it often wins, and not only that, I have been confused about how to spell on several occasions now!
I won medals at primary school for spelling, so I am indignant!!
Today I have a raging sore throat, which is quite a surprise, as I have not really had a day’s illness since I left in June. I wonder “what honey and lemon pastils please” is in Polish?!
Warm wishes to all and thank you again for these lovely messages.


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One Response to Comments and messages… O bother

  1. sheila says:

    Good to hear from you and all news. Hope you managed to sort out the honey and lemons throat pastils and that you are on the mend. Lots of love Sheila

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