Comments and messages 2

Good morning!
Having played around with various messaging options, this is what I have come up with! If anyone with more computer sense has a more elegant/straightforward suggestion, I will award you a special bar of chocolate!!
1) for thoughts you would be happy to contribute to the blog ie for public view, please continue leaving them in the ‘comments’ box and I will post a public reply to you on the blog.
If after you have written to me, you revisit the bottom of the post and look at the comments line you will see that it gives the number of comments. Click on that, and as well as your own and anyone else’s, a reply from me should appear shortly after yours.
I like this extra ‘padding’ very much as sometimes it crystalises into an added perspective on that particular post.
2) for private/unblogworthy messages, either
a) make this clear in the ‘comment’ and I won’t publish it (it sits behind the scenes with an ‘unapprove’ label, I ask you?!). My reply will then go to your personal email.
b) for those of you with my email address, please write to me there and I will do likewise.

This saves me some copying, pasting and darting between pages, and more importantly, you will get a reply that doesn’t sit twiddling it’s thumbs and unfulfilled on the unseen blog shelf.
As I have said before, even though I may miss replying to a few, I really treasure each message, so my apologies to anyone who might have thought she/he was being ignored.

Yesterday evening I resorted to good old fashioned paracetamol and a wonderful liqueur-sodden banana desert covered in hot toffee-flavoured runny sauce with ice cream. Slipped down a treat!!!

Have a great day and thanks. Jenny 😉

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One Response to Comments and messages 2

  1. Henrietta says:

    Comments are tricky…I’ve just been struggling with them on my brand new blog…you were one of the first people I knew who started a blog, and so part of my inspiration to start one.(I didn’t really know what a blog was until quite recently to be honest) The technology is the tricky bit for me, it’s never been my forte..
    Glad you found the polish for banana desert with toffee sauce if not for honey and lemon!

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