Farewell Photos of Poland or Last Tango in Krakòw

A few of my favourites! I will put a list at the end, as the facility for labelling is beyond me!



















Dancing girls in Krakòw parade; man on parade; sunset over the Wisła; off to tango; bugles, another parade; church and bike in Raciechowana; Rynek, (which means town square) Tymbark; Słopnice Church; parzony (evil polish coffee, yes!) a tired little friend; early morning walkers; Pienniny x 2; remembrance, 1,2,&3; Sczcawnica.

This evening I have been pouring over maps of Slovakia and feeling not a little daunted by the huge uphills. As a result I have chucked out loads more baggage and am now weighing in, bike included at a silf-like 34k/77lbs Which still feels pretty heavy to me!
The other side is my sadness at leaving this lovely country behind and her friendly people…. Does this sound familiar? So tonight I am not at all intrepid and hoping to find my nerve again.
The weather is being kind, and the scenery gorgeous, so that will be uplifting for a start.

It was lovely milling around in one of the countless graveyards, so full of families, in the most beautiful autumn sunshine. Greetings, quiet prayers, companiably linked arms and mixture of the very old with the very young. A big procession of church dignitaries, priests and nuns, followed by a local crowd, walking down the street, with amplified call and response. A grand day out…. and time for reflection. Stan’s (my lovely host in Olzstyn) mother-in-law passed away two weeks ago, so it will be the family’s first remembrance day without her. Amongst the sociable gathering there was an array of expressive faces and bodily gestures. The little oil lanterns glowing… and I should imagine they will now be shining in the dark and a sense of tugging poignance in the chill Polish air.

It has been such a special time here, and I have made many lovely friends.

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4 Responses to Farewell Photos of Poland or Last Tango in Krakòw

  1. Henrietta says:

    Oh lovely photos Jenny, I feel your leaving pangs, and wish you love and courage for the days ahead. We’re moving tommorow too so I’m feeling pretty full of trepidation too..

  2. annemarie says:

    Like the matching colour dress on your way to dance the tango !!! with the burnt sienna colour of the leaves on your way, you brave warrior !!! I tried to sent you an email with your request for addresses but it is all the time returned to me ?? What do I do ? it has got Juliet’s e-mail address and Tatiana’s as well – let me know if it is remedied or otherwise I will respond via this route.
    I do miss you on the magic Fridays especially !! and it was so lovely to meet up seeing you are so well,
    travel safely xx Annemarie

  3. Jessica Bark says:

    Amazing pics Jenny!! Understand you are sad about leaving such a beautiful place. Here in Sweden the autum has gone beyond that beauty and is now pretty brown and, I wouldn´t say dull cause every season brings it´s own charm, but, a little more dark, and a little bit less cheerful, so candle light, tea and cosy blankets is a must.

    Take care and travel safe,

    Xx, Jess

  4. zsofi says:

    Dear Jenny,
    my friend and fellow Hungarian Kati told us about your trip. We have a vegetarian B&B in Budapest and happy to put you up (www.budaveg.com) if you come after the 24rd Nov (or before the 16th. Just get in touch!

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