‘You are enormously nice’

This was the delightful computer translation while Christina and I tussled with communicating this morning…. I was giving an Alexander lesson of sorts, in her office at the faculty of Economic Studies in Banska Bystrica . I am staying with Jana, the modest and lovely director and had just had the most uplifting conversation with one of the professors, Janetta. Despite the appalling economic condition of the globe her conclusion is that we will be compelled to return to basic and more modest aspirations and life-styles. That our response to these difficulties will be as varied as the individual. When I asked about the specific difficulties that Slovakia would be likely to encounter, she replied that Slovakia has already seen such awful conditions, when the interest rates were 20% that the people will be resilient. I used to think that economics as a subject would be an impossibly dry series of mathematical calculations, but in the light of her enthusiasm and touching humanity, I can now see the connection between monetary affairs and people.
In turn I shared something of my vision for sharing the musical journey and it’s capacity for opening hearts and minds in a language that is common to so many… The inner, outer and spiritual landscapes.
There is a lovely little upright piano in the grand hall, so perhaps there will be the possibility of a little music later on.
Clearly, Jana and her lovely staff are up to much much more than teaching economics. The atmosphere in the department is tangibly one of kindness and calm despite the evident busy-ness and inevitable pressures that come with a big teaching load and managing research at the same time. Janetta wryly says that it is a good challenge, and that one has to be a bit schizophrenic!!
Later I will be taken to see some of the beautiful countryside while Sir G. has a little rest in the cellar. Yet again, I am so touched and enriched by the open and warm way in which I am being treated.
Yesterday I was in a bike shop…. I cannot resist these exciting places, and found a heavenly pair of, yes, padded tights. A hard warm saddle in summer is one thing, but in the cold weather it becomes both chilly and doubly hard…. A great sigh of bliss as I sat in such comfort in my splendid new attire!!! the gentlemen in the shop were so enthusiastic and as in so many places, made sure Sir G. was brought indoors away from possible predators.
There isn’t time or room just now to begin on the difficult subject of gypsy social evolution and the problems that state intervention has delivered, but it is very interesting to hear so many viewpoints on such a continuing problem of historic cultural and life-style differences.
The sun is shining and the lovely town square is so pretty with the colourful pastel shades on the elegant buildings. There is a tall black obelisk, dedicated to Russian action of I’m not quite sure what and I am off to have a wander round before I meet Jana for the afternoon.

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