A few little autumnal landscapes.


Habrusice village, late afternoon sun and veiled Slovensky Raj. Sitting on a sticky, resin-disaster-for-trousers log, I was totally absorbed by the sunset. Only when I tried to rise and felt resistance did I realise. My ONLY decent, non figure-fitting attire!


A picnic in Zvolen square. The trees are now mostly skeletal, but there are still some which are glowing in the sun.


A most wonderful walk high above Banska Stavnica and a chance meeting with a group of ‘Gypsies’ who were collecting wood in impossibly heavy carts. It was such a friendly meeting, and in the absence of ‘story’ (we were strangers with no fixed ideas about each other) it was possible to have a really soft encounter. Veronika and her mother were grinning all over when I showed them their photo and she laboriously printed her address with my promise to send on the picture. Also, a blessing in the name of Jezu. I learnt that they had food, clothes and shelter but by their blackened teeth, worn out clothes and tearful eye contact it is evident that life is hard. The conversation closed when two more young men with an even greater load of logs and two small boys arrived.
On the way down, the magical castle came into view.


Finally, this one is obviously just for you, Glen!!! Couldn’t help thinking of you when this Salamander lowered himself from the ceiling! A restaurant in Banska Stavnica, with great sheep’s cheese pierogi and very tasty smoked lardons! Then, a great big forest fruit and chocolate-filled palacinky! YUM

(and I think it’s better having the script beneath the pictures, but I hadn’t quite worked out how to do it in the last post!)

I am having a quiet pampering sort of a day, as just down the road is a vast Wellness Complex!
Massage, sauna and hot tub for me…. O yes, and there last night, during the break of a fabulous Gypsy violin and accordion duo, I was generously invited to play on the huge, very fine grand piano in the enormous and dazzling lounge/reception hall of the Hotel Rubin. It got me friends, coffee, brandy and an ice-cream from four delightful ladies from Canada (I am so sorry, I didn’t think to write down your names, and thank you!) and hugs and kisses from 2 slightly tipsy enthusiastic guys who were thrilled and disbelieving of my quick-sketch bike route!
The two wonderful musicians were Hungarian, so I was able to practice my first vital words in readiness for tomorrow when I cycle into Ezstergom.

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One Response to A few little autumnal landscapes.

  1. wendy holdstock says:

    Dear Jenny
    Just a peek at all this beauty and creativity
    Well what to say? I think your paintings and drawings and poster say it ALL and more.
    Just back from Brook’s wedding in Wembury via Brugge!
    Bit overwhelmed today – have a bit of a sniffle – what to expect if one is electro-sensitive and on a cruise ship bigger than our school and nearly 2000 – yes 2000 people on board – not that one was aware of that number because it was so huge and there were so MANY different places to be!
    Also to let you know quickly that we have had a succession of parcels including the big box which Andrew unpacked – arrived last Wednesday 9/11/11.
    Hope to contact you soon but having 2 days off in term time is very tricky – 2 weeks of prep and goodness what to deal with when I walk into school at lunchtime!
    Love for now Wendyxx

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