A silly Limerick…. Diary Entry Day 119

“O there’s nothing so splendid as riding a bike
When the temperature’s 4 below zero,
From the tips of my toes to the end of my nose
I consider myself quite a hero!”

The sort of silliness that pops into my head when it’s a joyous moment!

My diary entry for yesterday goes like this…. I usually start with a few little short-hand icons like this….


“BEAUTIFUL DAY! Sahy… white-out, then back to sun and no frost.


O I LOVE MY BIKE. Just riding is so PERFECT. O I just love it for ever!

O it’s so wonderful legs going gently round, the air, the sun, the people saying “yo napot”.


Very easy landscape. It has opened out. Lovely sweeping fields and vineyards. Old villages.
AND…. winding hairpin up – anticipation of the view, Bazilika in sight from Sturovo!

Crossing the magnificent Danube like a Turner painting in the pale light and merging, hazy horizon. Breathtaking, and another of those defining moments in this gorgeous journey. Wanted to draw, but too cold to stop.
Peering at map and lost. Posty arrives on time to take me to the right place. Hurtling through leaves and crowds alike on his bike, while I lumber along behind, trying to keep up.

Wonderful Hotel.

Meal. Martin’s Day Menu. It was his birthday the other day. All goose! Had to laugh! (he was an adamant vegetarian!)
mustachioed waiter, très sympathique.

O heaven”.

Not the most elegant piece of writing, but it was the best I could manage with rapidly drooping eyelids and the kind of writing that trails off the page just as in those Latin lessons of years gone by! I am now on volume 3 of these little notebooks.

Many thanks for all the lovely comments and for continuing to keep me company. I am going to take a bit of a break for a couple of weeks or so in the Budapest area, maybe join an art class or do some dancing and see what the weather dictates. I am really well, but very tired! I am also hoping that with a few Steiner connections, there might be some opportunities to play, which as Christmas approaches, would be lovely.

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2 Responses to A silly Limerick…. Diary Entry Day 119

  1. beverley says:

    Through Denmark, Sweden and Poland
    (If only her name was Roland)
    Now on through Slovakia
    Hungary beckoning
    A pretty fine effort
    By anyone’s reckoning!!

  2. kanyasiboys says:

    Dear Jenny,
    First I would like to congratulate on your bike yourney!
    About 2 weeks ago someone linked your blog in a Hungarian waldorf forum, and I started to follow your ride and you came cross Slovakia so fast, I could not believe that you are already in Hungary!
    We live in village from 8 kms west from Budapest, my older son attends to waldorf school (www.phwi.hu).
    If you wish you could stay at us and you could play on a Steinway piano in our friends house 🙂
    Contact me, if you are interested: tutuja@gmail.com
    Regards, Betti

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