The Short Drop

I cannot grasp the enduring popularity of these loos. You know the ones I mean? Deep inaccessible well, too close to the front with that scary wide plateau behind which has been subversively coated with a non-slip surface. They seem to be popular round here.
I’d rather go behind a bush any day!

Another question that never fails to amuse me, is the one I ponder for a brief fraction of a second at the roadside. Do I spend valuable seconds struggling out of my HIGH VISIBILTY vest (in addition to fumbling to prop up the bike/secure the front wheel etc) to gain a shred more privacy behind said bush (less foliage these days) or do I err in favour of the extra time gained? The decision so far is to favour the extra second, shut my eyes and pretend that I am invisible… the way I did, aged 3, with my mother’s pot of vanishing cream and a memorable dinner party.
…….. 24 seconds is about my record…..

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5 Responses to The Short Drop

  1. Barbara Baron says:

    But, dear Jenny, they are a God given compared to all Asian holes in the floor, who expect you to have a 20 year old weel trained gymnasts knees, with nothing to hold on to an a hose or a can to flush it with.
    Admiring you in the cold… Love

  2. Henrietta says:

    A friend who did missionary work inAfrica had to wear voluminous robes at all time and simply squat on the verge, desert, bush, wherever she was and let her clothing do the tenting… loos, no trees, no bushes. Perhaps she wore a mask, I’ll have to check with her!

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