The Graceful Bend


These are some photos from the poignant moment of crossing the Danube with the magnificent Bazilika looking graciously on. It was one of those Turneresque days, where the horizon was hazy and the late afternoon sun combined with the frosty air left a rose trail in the sky.
I had left Dudince in minus 4, found a complete and bitterly cold white-out in Sahy and then out came the sun again for the final few villages in Slovakia before crossing the border into Hungary.
Such an anticipation of that much awaited view as I made the long hairpin bends upwards to Sturovo and then, hugely through the trees, the cupola first and finally the whole scene, looking across the bridge and out over the still waters of the Danube herself.
Puffed up with pride? Me? Certainly. And Joy. And peace. And a host of other things all rolled into one. Sufficient to rekindle a moist blur as I try to recapture it.







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