Opus 109

If any of you have ever witnessed that beautiful time when a class of under 4’s come to the table in readiness for lighting a candle, you will appreciate that bringing 12 or so little ones to quiet and stillness for that magical moment seems like a miracle… I have always marvelled at this.

The closing bars of Opus 109 waved just this kind of magical spell.

Playing to 3 families in Betti’s home on Saturday, while 8 children ranging from 2, 3, 7, 9, 11 and to 13 orbited around the house was a true delight. I sort of knew that whether they were able to sit still or be quiet was neither here nor there, more that the music would envelope them whatever they were doing. Betti had translated the essential ‘map’ for the children…. a description of each movement, so that it would be possible for them to relate to the character of the music, and I understand that little Zsofi aged nearly 2, danced through most of the variations. There was still quite a lot of energetic activity going on just as the clamour of last of the variations drew to a close and then that is when the magic began…. All through that glorious final and majestic repeat of the theme, the stillness began to settle, like softly falling snow, and with the last chord, you could have heard a pin drop. This extraordinary silence continued for several seconds after I had finished playing.
Once again I am left speechless and incredibly moved by the power of music, Beethoven’s music, to reach out and touch hearts in all kinds of circumstances.
Thank you Betti for making that afternoon possible, and thank you all for looking in.

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2 Responses to Opus 109

  1. Titti says:

    I am in tears, Remember Adelsö this summer. Love, Titti

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