Flitting South


It is time to own up!
I have conceded to the season and taking up a lovely invitation to stay in Sicily for a while.
This means entrusting Sir G. to the hold of not one, but two aircraft!
A strangely abrupt way to travel, but from Catania I shall have about 60 miles of cycling to enjoy, and hopefully work off some of the dumplings and pancakes that have crept onto the waistline!

In a way, this places me very nicely for continuing on towards Turkey, when I can get my head around the logistics. I discovered some very exciting maps of Georgia and Romania in Pécs, so the thrill of the hunt is still on! It may well be that a couple of ferries and a route through parts of Greece is a very good option.

Last night on my way through the beautiful Christmas market stalls in Váci I found an antique smocked, embroidered and on the cuffs, tapestry, shirt, that ‘Uncle’ from Transylvania was not especially overjoyed to sell. He had wonderful moustaches, a tawny fur hat and over his portly frame, an embroidered felt knee length coat; after his lovely niece had translated for us a little while, he roared with laughter and said if I could find the village, I could stay with his mother!!


Sir G. is swathed in plastic and reinforced with generously donated egg boxes around his tender parts.

Wish us luck and angels!


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4 Responses to Flitting South

  1. hilarybravo says:

    Good decision! Bon voyage ~ looking forward to posts from the Med! xxx

  2. beverley says:

    Sounds great. I’m all for it. Sardines and lemons come to mind for some reason, though I’m sure there’ll be far more to it than that. I look forward to the pictures and the unfolding of further adventures. Ciao xxxx

  3. Kay says:

    Sounds great, Jenny! Just picked up several of your posts… we have been on holiday in PHuket… sunshine warm seas and yummy Thai food! Now back to the grindstone! Enjoy Sicily>>>> Kayx

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