Fidgety Phil, he couldn’t sit still…..

Surprise surprise…. I am having dreadful withdrawal symptoms. I knew I would.

It is especially unbearable to be inactive in such GORGEOUS weather!!!

I have been telling myself that it would be such a great idea to rest, paint, write etc. Relax, even?!
BUT I LIKE RIDING MY BIKE comes roaring back at me!
Well well.
I feel as if I shall have to be very patient with the initial clamour and then no doubt, it will all unfold exactly as it should.
In the meantime, I invite silly, sensible and any other sort of suggestion you, my dear readers, would like to come up with…
I am, by the way, looking forward to a little bit of playing in due course and I am ever so comfortable in a lovely apartment in the beautiful town of Noto.
I am simply disclosing something of my inner tantrums so that you don’t get the idea that I am any kind of even-tempered, floaty “it’s all just so marvelous” type!!
Pictures soon!

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2 Responses to Fidgety Phil, he couldn’t sit still…..

  1. beverley says:

    Do a few laps of the island? Buy a B.M.X. and learn some tricks. Try some endurance swimming. Find a nice Italian gentleman. Install an exercise bike in your bedroom (or said gentleman) Just a few ideas to start you off. I’m sure you’ll think of something. Enjoy xxxxxx

  2. Lorraine Stenberg-Holm says:

    By the time this reply arrives you will possibly be back in the saddle and not missing your daily ‘endorphin kick´’! Warm weather and the smell of oranges makes me long for New Zealand, but we have had our first snow fall this winter here on Adelsö, so I shall have to make do with the delicious smell of new snow!! Forget about the sun, it doesn’t appear over the trees behind our house, but soon, soon! We are celebrating the winter solstice on the 22nd with Titti and a game of Scrabble (whar an exciting life!!) Have a GREAT Christmas Jenny,and a Happy healthy 2012, now I am off to read more of your blogg………love, Lorraine

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