A few more sketches….

Two gentlemen of Hungary… The bearded, rather fierce-looking chap had such a bushy growth that his mouth and all movements were totally invisible!
As for ‘Uncles’ moustaches, well they were much more spectacular in real life!!

In Pécs, the influence of so many cultures at this crossroads of Europe… A very quick sketch of the 4 th century Roman burial chambers, which were so serene and peaceful, I could have sat there for much longer while I was recovering from torrential rain and the leftovers of migraine medication!

Finally, this is a DIY Christmas card for those of you who are clever with computers.
Print out, cut out, stick back to back with firm paper in-between and push a small point through the halo ( deliberately to one side for reasons of history.. St Istvan’s crown has a tipsy cross!) and now you have a little Hungarian angel for your Christmas tree!






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