Donations to ISM

A big thank you, Marion, Sylvia and Caroline for your recent generous donations to The ISM.

I have only just spotted the messages column…. thank you also for your very encouraging messages!

For those of you who are only recent newcomers to my blog, you may not be aware that I am donating any funds raised to the Members Fund of the ISM… my professional Music Body.
If you go to the right hand column of the blog, you will find at the bottom a title ‘blog roll’ and then the heading ISM ( Incorporated Society of Musicians) If you click on this link, you will find yourself on the ISM page, which will explain my choice (it’s obvious really!) of charity.
So far the grand total raised is £349.
As I have seen throughout my travels, there are people experiencing very real hardship. Here is just one example…
In Kraków, there was a violinist playing exquisitely on the street. Not just the usual standard of busking, which sometimes leaves a bit to be desired, but this was playing of such a high standard that I stopped the bike and was transported. I asked his wife who was standing over a little table with some of his CD’s on it, why it was that he was busking…. surely he belonged in an orchestra or chamber group? Her eyes filled and she just said ‘it is his life’
Years ago one Christmas, a Marks and Spencers voucher came through my letter box from the ISM…. many months earlier I had been helped along the way when my health was fragile and things had got on top of me…. and they were still caring.
This is just another little nudge, especially at a time of year when there is so much music making and festivity.
Please dig into your pockets (again: I know it is an expensive time of year for everyone) and bend your generosity towards those musicians who for one reason or another are having a hard time of it. I can promise you that it will be so very much appreciated.

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