Christmas Greetings and Strange Dreams!

of playing simply dreadfully while my page turner chatted and watched a film
of losing pages and an eternally long pause while I tried to gather them together but they were still wrong and just pictures and maps!
of Sir G. Losing his front wheel and lying broken in the hedge….
of a terrifyingly steep flight of stairs…..
all rather feverish…..

Hmm. I think I have a cold!

That said, it is today or tomorrow that I withdraw to the hills, leaving electrical gadgets behind (except for my trusty little phone) and taking my paint box and diaries of the last few months to re-read and enjoy. I then reappear on the 27th to accompany Fiore in our violin duo concert in the Sciami Cultural Centre in Noto. The programme is gorgeous, including the aforementioned Beethoven!! As we got to the end in rehearsal yesterday it made us both jump up and hug each other with tears in our eyes!

I can think of several friends for whom Christmas is not going to be easy this year, for all sorts of reasons. I hope you will be able to find restful moments of delight on the way through, and out into the New Year.

To all of you who keep me company on my travels, a Very Happy Christmas and Joy in 2012.

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One Response to Christmas Greetings and Strange Dreams!

  1. Bill and Cherry says:

    Dear Jenny – Thank you so much for your Christmas post card from sunny Sicily. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. All the best for next years trips. Lots of love from Bill (in Wales) and Cherry (with Julie in chilly Retford). XX

    (Sorry I couldn’t reply to your email on behalf of Bill and Cherry- it kept bouncing back. Hope you get this message instead! Julie)

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