Pianist en Liberté

Surely that’s Chopin… but where is it coming from? CD in someone’s car perhaps.
But it sounds like someone practicing.
A CD of someone practicing in someone’s car? Slightly unlikely.
But it IS someone practicing a piano.
But where?
At this point Fiore was standing beside the van door, in an agony of curiosity and hesitation!! ‘do I knock? no I can’t! But I HAVE to!’
Inside the van, François was indeed practicing his piano as usual.

For 20 years in the summer, he has been taking off from Brittany, (where he accompanies a choir) with his piano in the back of the van and travelling around Europe, rolling it out and playing in all sorts of open air places. The other evening when Fiore discovered him, he had just been playing at the top of Noto, as the road begins to enter the town. This year is different though. He has decided to keep going for a whole year.
He came along to our concert last night and later on today, we will get together with Fiore and Raggi to sing 4 part choral stuff together.

Pianist en Liberté.


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