This Week’s Soul Verse


“Once I am truly in the Spirit’s deeps
Straightway from out my soul’s foundation –
from boundless love within the heart – the fraud,
The hollow shell of private inclinations
Fills with might, the fire of the Word”.

I had ridden up to Pallazollo and the Greek ‘ theatre in the sky ‘. With views from the exquisite orchestra to majestic Etna came the inspiration for this little picture. What place other than the panorama of a Greek stage in the midst of nature, and the power of the elements to experience the Word and to envisage the ‘fraud’ the actor, humbled and filled with ‘boundless love’ and the Light that cannot be extinguished.

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One Response to This Week’s Soul Verse

  1. Kay Cady says:

    I am so looking forawrd to your illustrated book, Jenny… truly delightful pictures and thoughts! kay

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