new ‘easy to follow me’ button that you can click!

hello everyone.
I do so appreciate your perseverance with my site, given that it could be easier to use. I have just placed a little box in the top right hand corner for those of you who are, for example, pressed for time, so might find it easier if my blog sent you an email each time I put up a new post….it’s labelled ‘follow me’
i dont think it would take much time or effort to use!
please would some of you who have already signed up to follow let those less computerly orientated dear ones know about this special feature!!
Many thanks.
The sun has come out and the cats and dogs have stayed put in the heavens for a moment! perhaps its time for a little cycle ride?
And Rägi’s sweet little goat has just given birth to twins!! Here is the last portrait of her two days ago!


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2 Responses to new ‘easy to follow me’ button that you can click!

  1. sheila says:

    Thanks for “east to follow ” info. Not being computor literate I hope I have clicked the right button?? All fine here. More soon. Lots of love xx

  2. I love goats, I was just regaling Tansy and Leo with their nightly ‘something about mummy when she was younger’…tonight was ‘working on a Corsican goat farm when I was 20’….I love your drawing so full of energy and goatiness…

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