My kit list


I thought it would be nice to make this available, as a gesture of appreciation to the various companies with whose products I have been so delighted, and that it could be of interest to all you latent tourers!

Dave Yates ‘Wanderer’….. HAND built to my measurements and spec, my noble steed.
( I will have you know that he has only needed air in his tyres 3 times in 7 months )

The competition!
Chas Roberts hand built from Croydon or Thorn from St John’s in Bridgewater, Somerset

– take a look cycling eye glass… A rear view mirror that sits on my helmet ( see pic )
– ergon bar grips with ‘cow horns’
-tubus ‘logo’ rear and ‘surly cro mo’ front racks ( competition Thorn racks)
– St. John’s bike shop front handle bar accessory bar
– Brooks saddle (no competition!)
– Rohloff 14 speed hub gear
-‘hiking’ pole … serves as a prop and dog fender or bog prod
– Ortlieb front and rear panniers
– Carradice low saddle long flap saddle bag ( which sits perfectly on the front bar accessory)
– Camel-back 1.5lt water back pack, with unique leather replacement waist strap, made by Zino
– waterproof map case, worn over shoulder
– lights front and back
– serious rechargeable front head light
– bungies x3

– The Calendar of the Soul… Soul verses, Rudolf Steiner
– maps. I try to get the country I am about to visit while in the previous country.
Right now though, I have Greek Pelopponese and small overview of Turkey, Caucasus and Romania. When I have done with them, I send them home.

– Panasonic DMC-TZ 18
– 3 spare batteries + charger
– memory cards x 4


– Terra Nova laser competition tent (less than 1kg)
– mid season sleeping bag
– self-inflating sleeping mat + yellow light weight foam mat
– silk liner
– light cotton sarong, doubles as sheet/towel/pillow case etc.
– Trangia stove and spirit fuel bottle (red)!
– thermos mug with plunger for coffee from Skagen, Denmark
– SteriPEN water purifier
– Ortlieb water carrier 2lt
– Pegless washing line (thanks to Jane Fontana in Kyrgyzstan! 🙂 )
– petzel head torch

– Mobile phone Nokia and HTC
– iPad
– small black moleskin address book

– vital cap .. keeps glare and dazzle off while I paint ( green/blue )
– Paramo jacket, trousers, gillet, cargo shorts and pants (x 2)
– ‘BAM’ bamboo vest, T-shirt, long sleeved T-shirt and above all SOCKS
– Rudy Project multi lens prescription shades
– black leggings, which multi-task
– sturdy gortex boots bought in Kraków
– orange fleece cardi also from Kraców
– black wrap around Romanian skirt from Budapest…. in daily use
– unpleasantly luminous superbly HI-VIZ flappy waistcoat
– helmet

DIARIES (small)
– now on volume 5
I have sent the first 4 home.

– passport
– driving licence
– insurance
– card reader ( bank)
– duplicates on memory stick and much much more! ( a friend in UK has a duplicate memory stick but I forgot which friend!! )

LUXURIES …. ESSENTIAL (well I would rather not part with them) GIRL STUFF?!
– amber earrings from Poland, bought in the Totnes market!
– moonstone pendant on leather unbreakable bootlace ( see helmet mirror pic)
– mascara/eyeliner/2 small eye shadow compacts/lippie so that I can doll up for concerts!
– cloth slippers from Poland, bought in Łodz
– pretty scarf
– long, light shift … Lovely gift from Susan in Sicily. With scarf, makes reliable concert outfit
– Euthymol toothpaste ( brought up on it )
– very small bottle of chamomile shampoo for those moments I want something nice to smell
– ditto tiny bar of soap for when I can’t find any
– excellent pair of nail clippers and
– beautiful glass nail file from Sweden (for keeping nails nice for playing the piano of course)
– lavender lip salve
– tiny pot of geranium face moisturiser…. Applied once every month or so; my daughter insisted!
– tiny pot of plantain herbal ointment for cuts/infected sores
– sea legs ( I get sea sick on ferries, buses, trains and in cars… s’why I ride a bike )
– good tea bags … Just a handful, or sometimes coffee
– orange flavoured yummy Chilli chocolate from home or peppermint choc when I run out
Combined weight not much more than a couple of pounds, honestly!

– Beethoven sonatas x 3
– Chopin prelude no.1
– Pachulski prelude in C
– memory stick with scanned scores from Bach to Rachmaninov!
– music reading spectacles

TOOLS ( see pic )
– ratchet spanner size 15
– spoke wrench
– leatherman multi-tool
– several zip-ties
– excellent bike rack straps x 3 eg. For securing front wheel when parked so it won’t swing.

These are my favourites! The rest are all the usual, brake pads, puncture repair kit, etc.

– Daler Rowney half pan water colour tablets
– The Langton Prestige paper, rough grain, A3 size (see photo)
– sable brushes, size 6 and 8

This is not quite the whole caboodle, but apart from a few more chargers for phones etc and miscellaneous bits and bobs that I collect as I go along, it is a fairly accurate picture!
The bike weighs 15kg and I try to keep the luggage to 20kg. I weigh 55kg usually….



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5 Responses to My kit list

  1. That’s so fascinating Jenny, I was always intrigued by just what you took. I love that you’ve taken lipstick, such a lovely contrast to all the practical stuff!

  2. Titti says:

    Jiii… I am impressed!

  3. wendy says:

    Dear Jenny
    You are priceless!
    Have people been curious about how you manage with just your bike and panniers????
    I hear you will be at painting next Friday
    This is so surreal
    One minute half way across the world and
    the next right in front of me
    It was a LOVELY photo of Susan and Franco
    For many reasons
    Love Wendyxx

  4. Francesca says:

    Hi Jenny,
    I met you for the first time this morning, where I work (coffee shop).
    I’m really impressed of you and of your trip!
    I love music and the bicycle (your bike is amazing) and I think that your journey is absolutely unique!
    Keep going!
    I’ll follow you 🙂


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