Greece and off to the Mani

Well, it’s rather mountainous there, to judge by all those contour lines on my smart phone, so I do rather wonder how it will go….

This is the moment when the butterflies start leaping out of their quiet places and hitting the walls of my stomach randomly and at speed!

At this time on Friday I shall be on a ferry for Patras and then heading south into the rugged Peloponnese, chasing in Patrick Leigh-Fermor’s steps and, as it happens, those of Frederike, my singing teacher from student years ago, who has been able to point me towards all sorts of wonderful sites.

I am not at all sure how easy it will be to organise Internet connections or ‘pay as you go’ so don’t worry about me if the blog goes quiet for a bit…
It is so great to know that there are so many of you looking in on me, and I do hope I will be able to keep writing. I have been very grateful for the easy internet facilities over the last few months, but so far, from my searches online, the information is not quite so clear on the technicalities of sim cards and micro sim cards in Greece etc. How interesting!

I can hardly believe that this special time in Sicily is drawing to a close for now… 3 months almost to the day when I left stormy, cold Budapest and arrived in Catania… to hot sunshine followed by loads of rain and more hot sun, oranges, lemons, almond groves and even more rain!!

I have been carefully packing and unpacking and repacking my panniers for hours today; quite a lot has been thrown out but nearly as much has been stuffed back in.
Who are these people that wander round with nothing more than a flimsy plastic bag and a spare pair of socks? ( Barny, I hope you notice the mention?!) I suppose 3 Beethoven sonatas and art paper and paint box can take a little of the blame… non-negotiable members of the kit list!

My hot water bottle water is bubbling away ( I could probably manage without it, but it might be cold in my tent and I have only got a light sleeping bag…..) so I will bid you all good night.

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6 Responses to Greece and off to the Mani

  1. beverley says:

    Buon viaggio et buona fortuna. “In bocca al lupa!” Ciao bella xxxxxxxxx

  2. Kay Cady says:

    Love and best wishes for the next stage of your Journey, Jenny! Look after your ‘self’!


  3. sheila.m.bendall says:

    Wow ,hope butterflies fly off and leave you to enjoy. Hope you can keep in touch as I so enjoy reading all about it,but just in case you are off the radar as they say, take good care of yourself and hope to hear from you asap. Lol. Sheila xx

  4. annemarie says:

    With those beautiful sculpted calves of yours you will be a hit amongst the Greek statues no doubt!
    You’ll love it I am pretty sure about it and once you start spotting these wild anemones amongst the hills you will forget you are slowly rising to the top !! Wish I could be there xxxxxxxx Annemarie

    • jennyquick says:

      I saw some fabulous Greek bronzes yesterday, but sadly their bottoms were concealed, as they were horizontal for restoration work and ‘behind’ plate glass!! 😦

  5. wendy says:

    Hi Jenny
    Just listened to your little video
    How gorgeous – brought tears to my eyes
    You are such a wonderful piano player
    Piano has a special place in my heart
    And you looked so lovely and elegant – all
    from a little pannier
    More More More – BRAVO
    Love Wendyx

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