A few paintings. Last of Sicily, First of Greece.

Here are a few paintings. The last of Sicily… And the first in Greece, including that wonderful moustache.






These are Sicily… Valley looking to Ragusa, Temple in Selinunte, Almond blossom, Balcony in Noto, and Driftwood event by Franco near Noto!




And these….. Approaching Igoumenitsa just before dawn, conversation on the sea front, Patras, and gentleman in a lovely cafe in Dhouneika… ( I was Told that the Onassis family holidayed there )

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One Response to A few paintings. Last of Sicily, First of Greece.

  1. Anne Chamberlain says:

    Dear Jenny,
    I love your posts but in the busy life I forget to check them, so it was a joy to get the nudge through Facebook. I am so much In awe of your whole trip, and jealous at the same time. But how many women would just go off for such an adventure? Surely this will change you for life, and how will you ever go back to “normal life” again after this? Maybe you will forever continue to wander the world, testing your strength, discovering your sudden angels, and spreading the joy of Beethoven.
    Mike and I both retired in December and haven’t done much since. We plan to move to the west coast, but at the rate we’re sorting the house out, we won’t be ready until we’re 90! I’m having a great time learning Tchaikovsky’s Berceuse…such a lovely lullaby! And lately I’ve renewed the Mayerl that you gave me..Song of the Fir Tree. In fact, I’m playing it at our adult rep class along with two little Bach pieces on Tuesday night.
    Do you have a long term plan for travel and then return to the UK? I should think it might be hard to give up the adventure.
    Love to you, and may the winds always be at your back.

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