Coda to Coast to Coast


A small coda to coast to coast

Last Sunday’s national day was a feast of traditional costume, dance and social festivity. Last night the natural culture of music and dance spilled over in the taverna when a huge school group of 15 year olds came in to eat. Screams of joy as the live music began and instantly they made a tightly packed circle as one by one the boys took it turns to wheel and kick or kneel to pick up a glass in their teeth in the centre. Then came the girls, with their wiggles and sideways glances. Feigning reluctance the teachers were dragged onto the floor, where they were passionately cheered and clapped. When the most reluctant female teacher was at last persuaded to dance, she was transformed. Eyes closed and wrists aloft, she gracefully circled, her head inclined and an exquisite smile hovering. Showers of rose petals or shredded paper napkins fell on everyone as the pitch rose.
There could not have been a better way to ice my cake.






The first 3 were from last Sunday in Olympia, then from Kalamata, last night’s partying!

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2 Responses to Coda to Coast to Coast

  1. beverley says:

    Just imagining a celebratory Greek party on your return. Music, food and perhaps a demonstration of some Greek dancing by yourself? We could always join in too. Not sure about the glasses though. x

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