Greece. Patras to Kardamili. . . . a few sketches from the roadside






I have been experimenting with a different kind of paper in a much smaller notebook. They are a bit tiny, but somehow I think I like them!
With the exception of the fifth…. (I was riveted by the roadside Irises, so close to the edge of the steep gorge …… which was between Andretsina and Fighalia up in the mountainous area between Olympia and Kalamata ) the rest have been done during my excursions while staying in Kardamili.
Most worked in situ, but the one of an elderly lady in motion on the road from Exochori I confess, was with the help of a discreet photo.

And καλι μέρα to everyone in Greece who has been looking in on the blog. You can see what a great time I am having! I thought you might like to know that my statistics show that you are the country with the second highest number of views, with England ( 🙂 ) naturally and I should jolly well hope so, coming out top! Welcome to Beethoven by Bike and thank you so much for looking in….. of course that goes for all my other loyal friends, now all over Europe and even over the ‘pond’ and beyond!!!



I very much regret that despite extensive and expert searching, there is as yet no news of John.
Please continue with your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time for his family.

(c) Jenny quick: rights reserved

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7 Responses to Greece. Patras to Kardamili. . . . a few sketches from the roadside

  1. Kay Cady says:

    Thank you for your beautiful pictures Jenny… they take me with you on your journey… they are amazingly warm and descriptive and endear me to the places and the people you are visiting…… fabulous!! Love Kayx

    • Ingrid Spieker says:

      Dear Jenny, now I will look your website often to know where you are. I hope the sun will shine warm soon and you can enjoy the south of the Mani. Don´t forget, you are every time very welcome in Koroni, Agias Andreas, Longa, Kafou… We are all so glad to met you by Burgi. Thnak you so much for being there, agapi mas. Yours fans round about Koroni.

      Take always care. Now we are virtuell in good kontakt – you are a part of our network.

  2. thank you, so wonderful!
    Love, Burgi

  3. jose says:

    Jenny, you are a multitalented woman!!! Beethoven Biking and painting!How are you and where are you now?
    warmest greetings from Jose

  4. wendy says:

    Hi Jenny
    I’m all caught up with the splendours of the Greeks
    How wonderful
    Is there any sign of the doom and gloom we hear about the economy over there?
    Also I feel very sad to hear that lovely man has not turned up yet
    More candles and prayers
    Thankfully this is something we can ALL do anytime and no limits!
    Love Wendyxx
    And it works

  5. valentina says:

    your pictures are beautiful!!!!!!!!

  6. tassos says:

    i adore Mani, one of the most spiritual places in Europe, with the simplest meaning of the word, and your paintings too:)

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