Around the Next Bend …. More treasures of the Pelopponese.

Hard to whittle it down, but each of these had something extra special to say and stopped me in my tracks. Inside is as mysterious and lovely, but to do justice to them in a photo is not really possible. You must go and sit inside for a while yourself and then you will see what I mean!








It would take me a long time to find all their names on my camera memory card, but I may add them later. They are all to be found between Kardamili and Cape Tenaro, on the West Coast and up along the flanks of the Tageytus. The penultimate one is at Cape Tenaro (the Land’s End of the Pelopponese and said to be the southernmost point of mainland Europe) and is the Sanctuary and Death Oracle of Poseidon.
I am so grateful to them for the delight they have given me during the most strenuous rides I have ever done. Another case of reward being in proportion to effort!
A well known Greek photographer documented hundreds of scenes from the Mani, well before the roads were in place, traveling on foot or by donkey. A very moving account, called, I think, ‘Photographic Bible of the Mani’ I regret that I didn’t make note of his name.
Oo thank you Kay, he was called Yiannis Vourilitis!

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4 Responses to Around the Next Bend …. More treasures of the Pelopponese.

  1. Kay says:

    I wonder whether it is Yiannis Vourlitis , Jenny… I have just found it on google as ‘Picture Bible of Mani’ Very lovely!!

  2. HI Jenny!
    Lovely to hear from you!
    I am back in Mani – and jealous for all what you experience in so many lovely days
    love and hugs from Burgi

  3. ruthjenni says:

    Extraordinary Jenny, I’m imagining each one a gem of peace, each subtly different because each has it’s own place, story,echoes of the lives of the people that conceived, built and visited them, echoes of the days of sunshine and the nights of storm. And there you are, in time and space, drinking it all in. Beethoven and birdsong. What a fabulous blessing! xxx

  4. beverley says:

    Beautiful. Exquisite. Can only begin to imagine the whole vista and atmosphere. Would love to go and sit in them but am pretty sure I won’t be doing so by bicycle!! Well done you. Thanks for the lovely photos and the inspirations. Beverley x

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