Today has just been so much fun!!
Despite some residual tummy-rumblings I managed a 20 mile ride very easily with a few little missions in mind. First to call in on Yannis to thank him for the kind lift the other day. He wasn’t there yet so I sat and sketched a group of men including a ‘Papa’ while I had breakfast, much to their amusement.
Back to have coffee with Yannis who by now was showing Norwegian Hugo how to stir olive oil and rosemary soap while it cooled in a stainless steel vat. He didn’t seem so thrilled with my humble gift of a photo of a painting saying he preferred originals and then proceeded to describe how he was being continually denounced for selling sub-standard goods in his shop. It is such a lovely shop, full of beautifully presented herbs and traditionally made soaps and potions of this and that, with a tangle of bikes in various states of repair in the yard outside. He cheered up a bit when I told him he was the most interesting man I had met for 150 years…. I have feeling it’s a bit of a game?
I then went to Panagiotis’ shop to pick up some great gifts for friends and family. Now it was time to hear from Panos all the things Yannis had said about what people say about him, almost word for word. I do wonder if they have got a secret double act going on, it was so neat!! It also made me wonder who on earth to believe. They both seem to be such nice men! So I went for lunch with Panagiotis (he cut me a beautiful rose ) and rather hoped that Yannis hadn’t seen me slipping past. My son Tom has warned me about Greek men, but I don’t think he meant it quite like that!
The heavens opened just as I left and as I was truly soaked by the time I trundled back into Agios Nikolaos it seemed the perfect moment to enjoy the luxury of a bit of clothes washing with my lovely new shampoo… Shower, face pack AND a clean shirt had me come up all fresh and lovely and then I had this idea of settling back into resting mode.
A slightly crossed wire with Burgi ( she did admit that she was moderately incoherent today) meant that actually I was now going to go and practice with her for a little soiree for her ‘Philosophers’ tomorrow, so I sat painting two very gorgeous fishermen unravelling their nets while I waited for her to pick me up.

Oh oh oh to play the Bach adagio (from the 2nd Concerto for violin) with its infinitely subtle, pulsing accompaniment was like being wafted into another galaxy altogether; afterwards as we sat past midnight by the lapping waves while they met and kissed, ( Burgi loves waves kissing each other… I think she is rather a romantic at heart ) we covered all the sorts of subjects that flow so easily on the tide of Ouzo and the drifting clouds not yet made sparse of the heavenly universe we had floated in together. As we parted, singing the Bach at the tops of our voices and dancing arms spread wide along the harbour I had one of those moments prescribed well over a year ago for a nasty shoulder injury by Hilary, my wonderful Osteopath.

“Regular doses of insane happiness”, she told me, would be good…..


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2 Responses to Men!

  1. wendy says:

    Dearest Jenny
    Weather was very awful – water in places never experienced before!!!!
    Just had 2 lovely days =- must know you are thinking of coming back!
    Prince Charles needs a new job + Camilla apparently
    I loved the reply from your friend “over the pond” – USA?
    Your blogs get better and better
    Cannot imagine not having them after so long
    Lots and lots of love Wendyxxx

  2. jennyquick says:

    Could we ever take a weather man with such spectacular ears seriously enough to allow him on the throne? Think his poor son is just so much better looking! (perhaps they taped his ears at birth)
    I can’t imagine not writing ‘out’ regularly either, so the blog looks secure for some time… the question is more, will it lose it’s charm if I am only puffing up hills in the South Hams instead of painting cliff-hanging icons and snuggling up to gorgeous Greeks?!?!?!
    Rain here in short bursts. But more of a relief than a complaint!
    Lots of love to you too, Jenny xxx

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