Looking ahead

For those of you who don’t know, I thought you might like to see a little of what I am returning to…. what my life in Devon has begun to look like, and how it changed shortly before I left so that I could come and go spaciously.
I can say now that it all fell into place so easily. Only a matter of a few conversations with bold intent and each step of the way just seemed to fall true…… The journey started long before I began pedaling, that’s for sure. Oh yes, and then sometime in March, Becca lent me Patrick Leigh-Fermor’s book, ‘A Time of Gifts’. Need I say more?


I will start with my beautiful son, daughter and Grandson.
Here is Tom in full swing in my kitchen. He is currently a head chef in a Bristol restaurant and I am in awe of his incredible knack of keeping things spotless whilst he prepares delicious food.


Ruth and Ollie next, here in their flat in Brighton. Ruth is almost through her 3rd year of study in Naturopathic Nutrition and is another expert on the matter of food! Ollie is 6 and is in the Brighton Steiner Kindergarten. He loves his bike (of course) and is a whizz with a diabolo and all sorts of tricks!

How the pendulum swings. I burnt most of our evening family meals from the piano stool with clockwork precision and regularity. Ask them! This is also a moment to really appreciate them for their understanding and loving support throughout the time I have been away and also when I have been back to visit. Phone calls and texts have been our way of staying in touch and I am so proud and grateful that they are ‘ just’ getting on with their busy and challenging lives.



Next come an exterior and interior view of my sweet little ‘Shepherd’s Hut’. ( built so considerately and with such care and good humour by Graham and company of Ashwood Timber in Taunton).
I have rented my house to very dear friends and felt that I would do well to have a base that would not disrupt any letting agreement in case this travelling business didn’t suit me or in case of some mishap that required me to come home earlier than planned. Originally the idea was to get a cheap caravan second hand, but then the idea kind of grew and evolved and became much more of a life-style shift. When I saw the hut that belongs to Noni and Mike, I was instantly sure that this was how I wanted to live. A kind of luxurious camping and although you can’t see it, there is even a log burning stove, so it’s toasty warm in winter, and a small kitchen and cooker. Not much housework!
Before I moved out I had a marvelous house contents sale and the remainder is squeezed into a very tightly packed small office! I have totally forgotten what is left, so I do wonder now why I didn’t get rid of more?


I live close to Totnes in South Devon. A lovely mediaeval town on the river Dart, which boasts a small castle and is famous for long years of pioneering alternative health and for being a big part of the Transition Town movement…. Exploring and implementing ways to lower our carbon footprint.
Schumacher College and Dartington Hall are also close by.


Finally my life would not be the same without my wonderful friends and community. Here are some of them waving me off on the platform very nearly a year ago… we had strawberries and champagne and the cheer that went up as the train drew out of the station makes my eyes fill now as I think of it. How about another party and some Greek dancing this time?


One of the many beautiful lanes in the South Hams area of Devon.
I can hear the waves. The villages are twinkling amongst the foothills. I can’t be in two places at once. Or can I? Aren’t we only ever a thought away?
I’m going out with a group of Philosophers tomorrow……. šŸ™‚ I’ll bet they will know!

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9 Responses to Looking ahead

  1. Carolyn Butt says:

    I’m already looking forward to the party and Greek dancing! Lots of love, Carolyn (its my birthday today!) xxx

  2. it looks like a wonderful return, coming home and being a free spirit wherever you are…….

  3. beverley says:

    For the party, may I suggest we dance ‘The Wise Man And The Fool’. It is Greek, I believe, and beautiful. x

    • Jenny quick says:

      Wonderful! Thanks Beverley. Yes to that. And I have picked up a dinky little book of easy yummy recipes! Plots away…. xx

  4. Carolyn Butt says:

    Retsina optional. Dancing compulsory. xx

  5. beverley says:

    What, no Metaxa?

    • jennyquick says:

      3star, 5star, or 7star????
      You are not suffering from memory loss then?!

      Question is, does it taste as good back in dear old Blighty?

      Just been seriously trounced at pool. Not enough ouzo or metaxa obviously!!!

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